AP PRODUCTS Xtreme Vent- Gray 22-0541 006-80 31-8294

Item Number: 22-0541
Mfg No:006-80
Wt: 1.36

Eliminate Odors Permanently! The Xtreme Vent replaces the exisiting holding tank caps on the roof of the RV. Air passes thru the vent creates a Venturi which sucks the odors out of the holding tanks. Works when traveling down the road, parked or in storage. No more offensive and embarrassing odors in the RV. Xtreme Vents are made of powder-coated aluminum and have a 2 year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Sometimes when the vent cap is removed on the roof, there is not sufficient pipe exposed to install the Xtreme Vent. The Coupler kit solves this problem. The Coupler slips Inside the rooftop ABS pipe so the pipe can be extended. This makes installing the vent very simple. Color: Gray

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